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Taxes will happen at the end of the year but it will be too late with some adjustments to allow you to pay the minimum amount according to the law. Our client's taxable tax planning starts with a comprehensive study and review of the status, in talks we will look at all your expenses to find a gap to reduce your expenses. Everything we do will comply with all accounting rules and laws. We provide you with details and documents throughout the year for efficient planning and perfect execution. The tax planning objective is to reduce your tax burden. But to achieve this, we need to start planning at the beginning of the year and stay in touch with customers throughout the year. Our service is not just about tax preparation. We are also planning to cover all future taxes. Business restructuring Be an assistant in various taxes and duties Foreign tax planning report And other taxation work

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Monthly withholding tax filing
- Withholding tax return, PND.3 and PND 53, the tax payer must file a tax return within 7 days of the following month of payment.
- Some payment for services/expenses to a foreign juristic person who are not operatethe business in Thailand, the tax payer has to file Tax return 54 (PND 54) within 7 days of the following month.

Monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) filing
The Company who register VAT under Thai law have to file VAT Return (Por Por 30) by monthly basis within the 15th of the following month.

Services utilized in Thailand but the service provider is from outside Thailand are also subject to VAT in Thailand. In such a case, the recipient of service in Thailand is obliged to file VAT Return (Por Por36) and pay tax, if any, on behalf of the service providers.

Annual corporate income tax filing
- Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (PND 50), the tax payer must file a tax return within 150 days from the closing date of the financial accounting period.
- Mid-Year Corporate income tax return (PND 51),in addition to the annual tax payment, the taxpayer is subject to prepaid the tax based on the net profit full yearestimation. The company are obliged to estimate the annual net profit of half of the full-year tax amount. Prepaid taxes can be utilised when we file the annual tax return. We will help toestimate, prepare and file with the Revenue Department.