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The term accounting is synonymous with the science of measuring, explaining and interpreting business movements. and it is the process of measuring business profit or loss. It is also important to account for business decisions in order to ensure a solid management and business approach. This means that if the accounting system is designed with efficiency, what follows is the accounting information that will benefit the business in many ways, be it. Audit, tax planning.Also obtaining the most useful accounting information And for these reasons, we have skilled staff who convey account information to our clients, but also share their opinions and advice for a more successful business.

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As a company or juristic person who operate in Thailand is obliged to:-
• have the qualified accountant to prepare/record the accurate and genuine the accounting and financial reporting presented fairly and complied to the law.
• Accounting that must be closed at least annually (every 12 months), except for the initial period which may be less than 12 months from the date of establishment or on the date of commissioning.
• Annual financial statements must be prepared in accordance with Thai Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Thai GAAP) and must be audited with the opinion of a Thai certified public accountant.
• The annual audited financial statements in Thai language have to be approved in Annual General Meeting (AGM) within 120 days after closing date and submitted to the Ministry of Commerce within 1 month after the AGM date or within the five months from the account closing date. As per the requirements mentioned above, our company would

As per the requirements mentioned above, our company would like to offer the services to fulfill such requirements as follows:

  • 1 )Start-up business

    - Prepare the accounting platform/policies, reporting and management policies related to the client’s business and requirement.
    - Prepare/ apply a standard chart of accounts to align with client’s business.

  • 2 ) Monthly accounting and reporting

    - Provide basic forms for the company e.g. Purchase Order, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, invoice, receipt and tax invoice etc. In case, the company do not have the forms yet.
    - Book/record the account transactions and close the book monthly/ yearly and maintain ledger accounts according to Thai accounting standards
    - Prepare the Trial Balance, financial reports i.e. Profit and Loss and statement of financial position according to the office's standard requirements, etc.
    - Perform account reconciliation and prepare the relevant reportsIncluding reviewing and maintaining external and internal documents related to the customer's bookkeeping and requirements.

  • 3 ) additional monthly service work

    - Manage internal and external documents (invoices/Receipt etc.)
    - Prepare a withholding tax certificate to creditors of the company and prepare a sales tax invoice if necessary.
    - Any additional requirements from the company.

  • 4 )Annual Statutory Reporting

    -Prepare the annual financial statements in accordance with Thai accounting standards with the notes to financial statement.
    - Prepare the annual financial report summary form submitted to the Ministry of Commerce (Sor Bor Chor3) certified by the auditor.
    - Prepare the Annual report on international investment status to the Bank of Thailand (Sor Sor Sor 3/1).
    - Coordinate and liaise with the external auditor(s)for the year-end audit process and prepare the documents and information required by the auditors, and deal with the auditor's inquiries about the accounts.
    - File the audited financial statements, summaries and reports on international investment positions, as well as audit documentation to the Department of Business Development.